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Contact / Order offers the full range of  GSA approved containers and safes, as well as other security equipment, which will meet  your classified material or security storage and handling requirements.

The terms GSA container and GSA safe can be used interchangably. Whether you represent the military, government or a civilian contractor, we likely have what you need. Many containers are shipped from stock, and are available in all popular configurations including one, two, four and five drawer filing cabinets, map plan containers and general purpose containers. In the case of the latter two categories, we can install custom inserts, as required, such as weapons carts, shelves, drawers and related hardware tailored to your specific  requirements. 

We ship worldwide from our facility conveniently located near the Port of Norfolk, VA, home to the largest concentration of military assets in the world today.

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GSA Rated Class 6 Multi-Lock Two Drawer Container
GSA Rated Class 6  Two Drawer Container
GSA Rated Class 5 General Purpose Container
GSA Rated Class 5 General Purpose Container
Class 5 containers are typically required for the storage of sensitive items subject to outright theft such as weapons, ammunition and explosives, funds, jewels, precious metals,  and evidence.  Class 5 containers may also be used for storage of classified documents, components, materials, and equipment.  They provide the same protection as Class 6 plus a minimum of ten minutes  against forced entry attack.  Class 5 containers are available in several types:  file cabinet, map and plan, general purpose, weapon storage and IPS (Information Processing Systems).

Class 6 containers are typically used for storage of classified information  through Top Secret including documents, maps, drawings, and plans.  They are available in file cabinet as well as map and plan styles.

For guidance concerning storage of classified information see:

 DoD 5200.1-R

For guidance concerning storage of AA&E and sensitive items see:

 DoD 5100.76-M

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